Progression of US involvement in WWII

By dede94
  • Formation of Axis powers

    Formation of Axis powers
    Germany. Italy ad Japan make a treaty called the Tripartite Pact naming them the Axis Powerss. This was made to keep US out of the War. These countries were made to fight the US all at once if US joined.
  • Roosevelt runs for a third term

    Roosevelt runs for a third term
    Roosevelt tried to run for a third term but was out beat by Wendell Willkie. Willikie like Roosevelt wanted to help out in Europe despite Isolationists protesting it.
  • Lend-Lease plan

    Lend-Lease plan
    Roosevelt had Congress pass the Lend-Lease Act. The Lend-Lease act let the US help Britain without actually helping, The Lend-Lease act lent many old destroyers to Britain so they could use them, the ships had ammo, guns and anything else needed to fight in a war.
  • Invasion of the Soviet Union

    Invasion of the Soviet Union
    Hilter broke the agreement he made with Stalin in 1939, the non-agreison pact and invaded the Soviet Union and Roosevelt helped by using the Lend-Lease Act to lend-lease supplies to the Soviet Union and Stalin.
  • German Wolf packs

    German Wolf packs
    From Spring to Fall Hitler sent out his German U-boats to destroy supplys before they got to the Soviet Union. Soon after the attacks began every knew the attacks as the U-boats forming Wolf packs to take down the supply ships without being seen.
  • Atlantic Charter

    Atlantic Charter
    A meeting between Churchhill and FDR on the USS Augusta. They discussed the War in Europe and maybe the US joining in. The result in signing the Atlantic Charter was a joint involvement. The goals inculded Collective security, Disarmament, Self- determination, economic cooperation and freedom of the seas. The US is once again supporting Britain in the war with the Axis powers
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan attacked Pearl Harbor destroying 21 ships including 8 Battleships, the attacked had killed more then 2,403 people and wounded 1,178 people. The suprise attack had the US struggling to fight back against it by the end at 9:30 AM the planes left Pearl Harbor in ruins and left the US shocked and angered at the attack.