progression of us involvement in WWII

  • the axis threat

    the axis threat
    on september 27 1940 Germany, Italy, and Japan had signed the tripartite pact makeing them an officel party know as the Axis Powers this was ment to keep the us out of war if they fight one power they would have to fight all the powers which is a two ocean front war
  • FDR thrid term

    FDR thrid term
    it was roosevelt 3rd term he was running agianst willkie he won with the poplur vote fdr was elected partly because of his leadership that can be seen as a postive during war
  • the lend lease plan

    the lend lease plan
    britain ran out of money during the war and roosevelt came up with the lend lease act which was a plan to lend or lease weapons to britain he said it was like giveing your hose to a neighbor during a house fire so he maid it sound like if we give brit guns and ammo they will stop germany and nothing bad well hppen to us
  • supporting stalin

    supporting stalin
    churchill was not the only one that roosevelt was helping he was also helping stalin the soviet union leader he did this because hitler broke the peace trity he had with stalin and started to invade the soviet union and roosevelt sees it like the enemy of my enemy is my friend
  • signing of the altantic charter

    signing of the altantic charter
    churchill and roosevelt meet on bord of the uss augusta to talk about how the wars going and the altantic charter which is what we want out of the war which was collective security disarmament self determination economic cooperation and freedom of the seas we are supporting the allies powers over the axes
  • end of the submarine

    end of the submarine
    president roosevelt said it was fine to attack germany uboats out of self defence and by the late 1943 submarines were not as bad
  • pearl harbor

    pearl harbor
    roosevelt got a decoded msg that said there will be no peace treaty with amerca and then japan kamakaze piolets fly in and dive bomb us when our gurd is down around 180 plans went down