Progression of us involment in WWII

  • Presidential Election

    Presidential Election
    FDR decided to run for residency for his third term. Because both FDR and his opponent had the same goals the people decided to elect the person they was more familar with and FDR was re-elected.
  • The axis threat

    The axis threat
    Germany, italy and Japan signed the tripartite pact. this alliance was formed to keep the us out of war. if they attack one country in the axis then they would have to deal with all of them.
  • The Lend- Lease Plan

    The Lend- Lease Plan
    The Lend-Lease Plan was passed. It stated that FDR would lend arms and other supplies to any country whose defense was vital to the United States.
  • Supporting Stalin

    Supporting Stalin
    Hitler had broke his pomise to Stalin in not invading the Soviet Union. When FDR heard about it he started sending lend-lease supplies to the Soviet Union.
  • Singning of the Alantic Charter

    Singning of the Alantic Charter
    FDR and Winston Churchhill met aboard the US Agusta to discuss the outcome of the war. they sign together the Alantic Charter a joint declaration of war aims. these goals included freedom of the seas, collective security, economic cooperation, disarmament, and self determination. The United States is now further choosing the allies powers.
  • German Wolf Packs

    German Wolf Packs
    Individual surface attacks by u- boats became known as the wolf pack attack. They were successful in sinking 350,000tons of shipments in a single month. FDR decided to grant the navy permisson to attack the u- boats in self defense.
  • Reaction to Pearl Harbor

    Reaction to Pearl Harbor
    The Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Fdr went to congress and quickly approved Fdr's request for war against Japn. Three days later Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.