Progress or Decline

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  • Nellie McClung

    Nellie McClung
    For Nellie and many other women this was a time of decline for them. Mainly due to the fact that they had almost no say and very little rights. Not to mention she believes it “goes against every commandment” and in the end will do more harm than good.
  • Battle Of Ypres

    Battle Of Ypres
    Ypres was a place during the war no one wanted the Germans to have control over as it provided easy access to ports. During this long and difficult battle, more than 2000 Canadians died. That seems like decline, however this battle made a huge difference in how other countries perceived and respected us.
  • Jeremiah Jones

    Jeremiah Jones
    Jeremiah Jones heavily contributed to the victory of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. He saved his unit by killing many German soldiers and making those who he didn't kill, surrender. This can present progress in two ways. The first being progress for our country. The second being for African Canadians, and black soldiers. This victory assisted them in gaining the respect and equal rights they deserve.
  • Prohibition

    The law of prohibition was also a decline for our country. Not only did it take away more of our freedom, but it shut down businesses putting people out of jobs. As you can see from this cartoon some even believe it is the cause for drug addictions.
  • Returning Soldiers

    Returning Soldiers
    This was not only a time of decline for many returning soldiers, but a time of sadness. Those who returned from the war were most likely wounded physically or physiologically, this made the rest of their lives miserable. On top of that they dealt with the death of every man they ever fought alongside who died. When they returned the were hit with the Spanish Influenza Epidemic which in the end killed 50,000 Canadians.
  • Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry
    The invention of automobiles is what helped our economy thrive once again after the war. Not to mention it was a huge technological advancement we still use today. This is why the automotive industry represents huge progress for our country. It plays huge role in our country imports, exports, and employment.
  • Group of Seven Artists

    Group of Seven Artists
    This group was used to portray Canada's natural landscape in a realistic way. This is progress because before people were painting pictures of war, now they are showing the world how beautiful our Country is. This can allow many more countries to respect us, and even make Canadians fall back in love with their country.
  • Fredrick Banting

    Fredrick Banting
    Banting made a major advancement for modern medicine. This was the discovery of insulin. He took an extract from the pancreas of an ox to save the life of a teenage boy, by the end he changed the lives of millions. Not only was this advancement, but it improved the living conditions for many Canadians.
  • Chinese Immigrants (Chuck Lee)

    Chinese Immigrants (Chuck Lee)
    This was most definitely a time of decline. Mainly due to how poorly these people were treated. Based on the Chinese head tax Chinese immigrants had to pay a fee to enter Canada and by 1923 all Chinese immigrants were illegal. Also they were not given fair or equal opportunities for work and education, they were not considered for a job if a white person had applied as well.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The Great Depression began when the New York Stock Market crashed. This brought a time no one who lived through would ever forget. It brought so much poverty, more than ever. Not to mention to number of people unemployed was steadily increasing and already beginning at 30%. This represents decline as it goes against everything that defines progress. As our country became poorer, our citizens had worse living conditions, little to no opportunities for work and education and low income.
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