Progress and Decline

  • World War One (-1)

    World War One (-1)
    All Worls War 1 was more of a decline than a progress in history. Many lives were lost and families broke. Although it also led to significant changes in the world, it marked the end of the old world order and brought about *Political, social, and economic changes in history.
  • Women’s Suffrage (+1)

    Women’s Suffrage (+1)
    Political and Social Women’s suffrage was a crucial movement of progress that advanced history by advocating for women’s right to vote. It was social and political movement that fought for gender equality and paved the way for women’s increased participation in democracy.
  • The Roaring Twenties (+1)

    The Roaring Twenties (+1)
    Social and Economic The roaring twenties was a time of progress because it showed social change, women’s rights, economic prosperity, and technological advancements. It was a time of liberation, new opportunities, Nd cultural shifts that shaped the course of the decade.
  • Mary Pickford (+1)

    Mary Pickford (+1)
    Economic Mary Pickford was one of the first movie stars. She helped shape the film industry and paved the way for future actors and actresses. She was progress in history to all the younger people in theatre.
  • Group of 7 artists (+2)

    Group of 7 artists (+2)
    Social They inspired other Canadian artists by inspiring them to explore and depict the beauty and progress of the Canadian landscape in their own unique ways.
  • Chuck Lee (-1)

    Chuck Lee (-1)
    Economic Chuck lee had to pay a mandatory fine of $500 in order to enter Canada. He had to leave his wife in China, due to governing laws. he was the only Asian student at his school and was sadly unable to pursue his career as an engineer afterwords. This was a decline in history for many Chinese Canadians and their families.
  • The Great Depression (-2)

    The Great Depression (-2)
    Economic The Great Depression had a significant impact on history, and it was a period of severe economic decline. It lead to widespread unemployment, poverty, and financial instability.