Basic programing

Programing language time line

  • Plankalkul programing language

    Plankalkul programing language
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    Is a program that was created by Konrad Zuse for engineering purposes, but it was never publish, because it was war time. Instead Konrad Zuse publish a book with his knowledge.
  • FORTRAN Programming Language

    FORTRAN Programming Language
    More infoFORTRAN is an acronym for FORmula TRANslation because it was desing for easy translation of math formulas into code. It was design by an IBM group led by John Backus, FROTAIN was very inovating for having a compiler helping other programs to develop.
  • MATH-MATIC Programing language

    MATH-MATIC Programing language
    More Info MATH-MATIC was created by a group led by Charles Katz. MATH-MATIC is a program created for UNIVAC 1 and 2 in order to inprove on the FORTRAN, Meaning that is an improveds the compailer code making the computer more faster.
  • Lisp programing language

    Lisp programing language
    More infoLisp stands for LISt Processing. Lips was created by John McCarthy and was influnce from a simple mathematic notaion created by Alonzo Church. Lips is a domain program that can manipulated other multiple source codes. This program can be used to created other syntax or a new domain langague.
  • COBLO Programing language

    COBLO Programing language
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    COBLO is an acronym for COmmon Business-Oriented Language and was created by Grace Hopper. Cobol is a programing that was develop for buisneses and goverment jobs. Coblo is also based on FLOW-MATIC programing language on the UNIVAC 1
  • RPG Programing Language

    RPG Programing Language
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    RPG( Report Program Generator)was created by IBM and is a business program develop for repicating punch cards on the IBM 1401. Then later on the 1960 it was updated to RPG 2 for the IBM3 and currently verry popular on the IBM 1 plataforms.
  • BASIC programing language

    BASIC programing language
    More infoBasic is an acronym for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Basic was original called Darthmouth because it was desing in the university of dartmount and was created by Jonh George Kemeny and Thomas Eugen Kurtz. Basic was dessign for every one to used computer and became very popular spreading.
  • Logo (word) programing language

    Logo (word) programing language
    More infoLogos Is a program created only for education purposed and was created by Wally Feurzeig and Seymour Papert. Logos is an adaptation and dialect from lips, e the program main purposed was to teach students scients concepts as UC Berkeley lecturer Brian Harve. It used turtles as a wizrd to send messages an other work to students
  • B progaming language

    B progaming language
    Mre infoIt was created by KenThompson and Dennis Ritchie , but the language was not very polpular after the c language apeard. The B programing language is only a part of the BCPL program.
  • C Programing language

     C Programing language
    More infoC programing language was creted by ken thompson and was created with the same picinpals as the B, BLCP, AND THE CPL programing. The C program was created from the refination of :
    CPL -->BCPL-->B-->C.
  • Pascal programming laqnguage

    Pascal programming laqnguage
    More infoPascal(Pascal name derrives from the math mathematician Blaise Pascal) was develop by Niklaus Wirth who was a member of IFIP. The main objective of the creation of Pascal was to effctibly teach students programing skills and was created from ALGOL 60.
  • ML Programing language

    ML Programing language
    More info Ml stands for Metalanguageand is a generla all created to make make a language more expressive, while still maintaining the same code, the program was created Robin Milner
  • SQL Programing language

    SQL Programing language
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    SQL stands for Structured Query Language and created by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymon F. Boyce. SQL is a programing language that enebla the user to draw, stored,or delet information.
  • ADA Programing language

     ADA Programing language
    For more infoADA is not an acronym, but the name of the first programer. (Augusta Ada Lovelace) The program was createdd by a team led by Dr. Jean Ichbiah at CII-Honeywell-Bull in France In 1980, but it was later improve in compability by Mr. Tucker becaming the first standardized iso language.
  • C++ programing language

    C++ programing language
    more infoC++ programing language was created by Bjarne Stroustrup and the same company that created the C,B,BCPL,CPL programs languages. It is an improvement of the c programing language and also adds object-oriented programming.
  • Python Programing language

    Python Programing language
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    Python was created with the purposed of being able to be read easly and its language is said to be very expressive. Python was created by Guido van Rossom and mostly used in non-scripting contexts.
  • Visual Basic Programing language

    Visual Basic Programing language
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    Visual Basic is a program that was develop by microsoft an object and a event driven. Is a easy program to used to learn the basic concepts.
  • Java Script programing language

    Java Script programing language
    More infoJava Scrip is a programing language that helps improve surfing the internet and makes most of the websites work, Java Script is only activeted by the user not the host,but java can also be used for runing other programs outside the web like pdf. Java was created By Brendan Eich as Syntx program closly assimilated to java in names, but anything else they are unrelated.
  • JAVA (or Coffee) Programing language

    JAVA (or Coffee) Programing language
    more infoJava Started as a project "oak" funded by Sun Microsystems and was created by James Gosling 1991 but it was implemented in 1995. Java was made simple and almost accessible to any type of technology that has the caipabilyty to storedd memory making it more popular, becaused it help run most programs.
  • PHP programing language

    PHP programing language
    More infoPHP stands for Personal Home Page And was created by Rasmus Lerdof That is aprograming language that is ope source created to moke web pages ( almost like java script) and evolving into a computer languge that can interact with any other program with a comman interface.
  • Delphi Programing language

    Delphi Programing language
    Some InfoDelphi was develop by Bordeland and the desecents of turbo Pascal. Delphi programing language was develop for windows 1995 as a complaier programing code, aking the computers run smoother.