Process of Globalization

  • Fall of the Berlin Wall!

    Fall of the Berlin Wall!
    The official dismantling of the Berlin Wall began by East Germany.
  • Period: to

    India Ends Economic Isolationism

    India becomes a powerhouse in the globalized world, becoming more industrial and playing a bigger part in the world.
  • First Website Ever!

    Created by Tim Berners-Lee a website for CERN was created to explain the World Wide Web to newcomers.
  • Dissolution of Soviet Union

    The Soviet of the Republics of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union officially declared the independence of all fifteen countries that were a part of the Union.
  • First SMS sent

    First SMS sent
    First text message was sent in the UK through a computer, the message was "Merry Christmas."
  • Netscape Goes Public!!!!

    Netscape Goes Public!!!!
    Netscape allowed almost anyone to navigate through the internet without many problems.
  • Fiber Optic Link Around the World

    Fiber Optic Link Around the World
    The Fiber Optic link aroudn the World was the worlds first single-cable network, that provides infrastructure for the next gen Internet applications.
  • Y2K

    A day that caused panic because computers weren't programmed to recognize the 2000s, which would cause problems.
  • 9/11

    A series of 4 cooridinated suicide attacks on the U.S. Showed how globalization enables not only countries, but also terrorist organizations.
  • China joins the WTO

    China abandons isolationism and joins the rest of the world in the World Trade Organization. This allowed China to become a huge manufacturing and trade juggernaut.
  • Walmart becomes worlds largest retailer

    Walmart becomes worlds largest retailer
    Walmart reaches revenues of $244.52 billion making them the worlds largest ratailer.
  • Period: to

    Operation Iraqi Freedom

    The Iraq war, also known as the war on terror, was the search for Hussein, and WMD's in Iraq. Ultimately Hussein was found, no WMD's were.
  • Facebook created

    Facebook created
    A social networking sight created by Mark Zuckerberg and his room mates at Harvard. As of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users.
  • Youtube created

    Youtube created
    Created by 3 former Paypal employees is a service that allows people to share videos, in 2006 Google bought youtube.
  • Twitter created

    Twitter created
    made by Jack Dorsey it is a microblogging website with over 500 million active users as of 2012.
  • Arab Spring

    Arab Spring
    a group of protests and war occuring over in the Arabic area of the world. Still going on today.