Princesss and The Pauper

By sschalk
  • Meet Carina

    Carina is a princess, that starts talking to a rock star guy from the united states. she wants to sneak out to go see him, although its kind of hard to get away from all the guards. Did i mention that Carina had a soon to be fiance back at home.
  • United States

    Carina visits the US for different servic projects. When she visits a school, she meets her unrelative twin, Julia. She tries to be nice with her, when she first meets her, but Julia doesnt want anything to do with her. This is a big conflict between them so Carina can meet her rock star.
  • Carina visiting L.A.

    After the school visit, for couple days she visits hospitals, animal shelters, ect. She relized this is going to be harder then what she thinks to get out to see the guy. She's busy 24/7 and without help from someone else there is not possible way for her to sneak out.
    (another conflict)
  • Warming up

    Carina Visits Julia. She explains her situation to Julia. After a while, Julia warms up to her and decides to help her out. This is after Carina offers $10,000 to Julia. This envolves switching places, and then needing to learn everything about each others life and remembering it all.
  • Swtiching places

    When Julia and Carina finally switch places. They had to do it secretly. When she visits her again, they exchange clothes, and review there plan, and how they are going to switch back again. This right here is the climax. As they both are at much risk, because its going to be harder tow swtich back, but they dont know that at this moment.
  • Julia is an princess

    Julia thought that princesses are all free, can do what ever. She soon realizes thats all false. When she switches she had to do everything Carina had to do. Julia did enjoy every minute of it. However she acted kinder but she did realize that after a while how much work it is to be a princess. As her old life she was poor and trying to keep up so they hav a place to live.
  • Carnia Is in the Real world

    Carina isn't an princess anymore, for a couple of days. She meets Julia's mother and knows how hard it all is. Julias home is a runed down apartment. Julia however treated her mother with disrespect. When Carina treats her different then there are suspisions. Although this helps to get Carina out to go see the concert and the rock star, Ribbit
  • Mr. Rock Star

    Carina goes to the concert and has back stage tickes to meet her pen-pal. They talk for a while and then they go on his tour bus. They soon fall alsepp and the next moment they wake up and she isnt in L.A anymore.
  • How to get back to L.A.

    Carina is stuck in the middle of no-where. The tour bus won't help her back. She gets stuck at a Gas Station. She cant use her I'm a princess, no one would believe her. A while later she gets a cab back to L.A which is couple hours a way and soon Julia would be leaving back to her home country.
  • Julia leaves the US

    Julia doesn't realize how much touble Carina is in. They don't have any contact or anything. Julia then has to leave and go back to Carinas home country.
  • Carina comes front

    When Carina finally get back to L.A after Julia leaves. She goes to Julia house and Julia mother wants to knows what up. Carina comes foward an tells her everything. Julia's mother is suprise to be with a princess, but get hers and Julia's passport and they soon plan to take a plane trip.
  • Switching Back

    When Carina get home. She needs to sneak in somehow to switch back and to explain to her soon-to-be fiance about what all happened in the US. As that didn't work. Julia's mother and Carina's parents meet and then talk, they discuss what happens and they Julia and Carina finally swtiches back to finish up the book.