Princess' life

Timeline created by Isidora Mijuskovic
  • Before the trafficking - Nigeria

    Princess is a single mother of three young children living and working in Nigeria.
  • Leading up to the trafficking

    Princess is offered a job in Italy by a coworker, and happily accepts the offer in hopes of securing a better life for herself and her children. She flies to London on a fake passport and calls a man whose number she'd been given, having no idea what was in store for her.
  • Getting to Italy

    Princess meets up with the man whose number she had called, and he drives her to Italy. Upon her arrival to Turin, Princess gets taken to a house full of other Nigerian women, who all make fun of her when she tells them that she is going to be working at a restaurant.
  • A rude awakening

    Princess is told by the other women that she is going to be working as a prostitute and is in absolute disbelief. This disbelief quickly turns into devastation as she realises the actual horrors of her situation, when she gets told that she has 45,000$ of debt that has to be payed in order to leave.
  • The start of her suffering

    The day after her arrival at the brothel in Turbin, Princess is sent to the streets by the madam whose control she's now under. Princess can't deal with the situation and spends the night hiding, which leads to a violent beating by the madam, resulting in hospitalisation. This makes Princess realise that she has to bite the bullet and start working as a prostitute in order to survive.
  • Life as prostitute

    Princess starts working the street corners every night in order to repay her dept. However, the cost of living makes this task impossible. Furthermore, the inescapable violence of the job leads to Princess getting stabbed twice and being threatened with a gun. This goes on for eight months.
  • Period: to

    Her prayers get answered

    One morning whilst walking home, Princess is approached by a man called Alberto Mossino who offers to help her escape the situation she is in. He helps Princess pay her dept to the madam and the pair move to Asti to start a life together.
  • Period: to

    Getting her freedom back and helping others do so too

    Princess and Mossino get married and have a daughter. Mossino starts PIAM, where Princess now is a board member. The pair have helped more than 200 women escape the horrors of human trafficking and continue to do so. Princess helps the women get their lives back by, amongst other things, organising dance parties on the weekends.