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Preston Gannaway: Photojournalist

  • Her Life

    Her Life
    She has worked as a documentary newspaper photographer for over 10 years. She currently works for the Virginian-Pilot, in Norfolk, Virginia. She has worked in New Hampshire, and North Carolina, where she was born. She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography in 2008 with her essay, "Remember Me".
  • Her First Essay: Remember Me

    Her First Essay: Remember Me
    The Essay This is Preston's first photo essay. She followed a terminally ill cancer patient and her family until Carolynne's death in February of 2007. This is a photo from the collection, where her family surrounds her and her husband kisses her the moment she takes her last breath. Her dying wish was to die with her family around her.
  • Chosen Ones: Her Third Photo Essay

    Chosen Ones: Her Third Photo Essay
    The Essay This is Preston's third essay.It follows families with children in China that have albinism. In China, children with abnormalities are considered outcasts and face a bleak future.
  • Her Fourth Essay

    Her Fourth Essay
    The Essay In this essay, Preston attended an annual event at Bethel Baptist Church which they called the judgement house, where they show different scenarios of life and what fate you will meet in eternity from that type of lifestyle. Their goal is to win souls. In this photo, members of the church are portraying people suffering in hell.