Pressgang: 2011-2012

  • Contact editor for anthology

    Monsters: A Collection of Literary Sightings BJ Hollars, editor of two other anthologies for Writers' Digest Books and U of Nebraska Press
  • Period: to

    Year One

  • Nogginwerks: Begin designing Pressgang logo

  • Hammer out contracts

  • Editor: Begin soliciting material for anthology

  • Solicit manuscripts prior to open submissions

    Kirsty Logan & the writer of Un-Game
  • Nogginwerks: design anthology cover

  • Design site with submissions portal

  • Develop marketing plan

  • Delivery of anthology materials; begin production

  • Launch site & FB page; pre-promote anthology; accept submissions

  • Production complete; send to Lightning Source

  • Order ARC's, send to book reviewers.

  • Pub date for anthology

  • Select judge for novel contest (from next year's VWS writers)

  • Aim to select second book

  • Nogginwerks: design cover for second book

  • 5/1-6/1: Submissions open for novel contest

  • Aim to publish second book

  • Submit 5 finalists to contest judge (for publication next May)