Presidential and Congressional Approval

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    Presidential and Congressional Approval

  • Start of The 100 Days; FDR

    Start of The 100 Days; FDR
    The New Deal was a set of social welfare programs developed to counteract the Great Depression. Domestic.
    Roosevelt's approval rating: ?
    Congressional approval rating: ?
  • Economy Bill; FDR

    Economy Bill; FDR
    Congress passes FDR's bill to cut government spending. Legislative.
    Presidential approval: ?
    Congressional approval: ?
  • Declaration of War on Japan: FDR

    Declaration of War on Japan: FDR
    The United States declared war on Japan, and we entered WWII. Foreign.
    Presidential Approval: 80%
    Congressional Approval:
  • Executive Oreder 9066; FDR

    Executive Oreder 9066; FDR
    FDR signed this order to send all Japanese Americans to internment camps. Controversial.
    Presidential approval:
    Congressional approval:
  • Operation Wetback; DDE

    Operation Wetback; DDE
    Eisenhower wanted to send all illegal immigrants back to their homelands. Controversial.
    Presidential approval: 69%
    Congressional approval: ?
  • Interstate Highway System; DDE

    Interstate Highway System; DDE
    Eisenhower signed the bill that authorized the creation of an interstate highway system. Domestic.
    Presidential approval:70%
    COngressional approval: ?
  • Desegregation Bill; DDE

    Desegregation Bill; DDE
    Eisenhower signed legislation that would desgregate schools. Legislative.
    Presidential approval: 73%
    Congressional approval: ?
  • Eisenhower Doctrine; DDE

    Eisenhower Doctrine; DDE
    Eisenhower signs a bill that allows U.S. Forces to assist Middle Eastern countries threatened by Communism. Foreign.
    Presidential approval: 65%
    Congressional approval:
  • Clean Air Act of 1970

    Clean Air Act of 1970
    This act was created and signed by Nixon to allow EPA to maintain standards for air quality. Legislative.
    Presidential approval:50%
    Congressional approval: ?
  • Opening Trade; Nixon

    Opening Trade; Nixon
    Nixon lifted an embargo on trade with CHina. Foreign.
    Presidential approval: 40%
    Congressional approval: ?
  • Alaskan Native Claims Settlement; Nixon

    Alaskan Native Claims Settlement; Nixon
    Nixon granted 44 million acres of land for Native Alaskans to live on. It is the largest reservation in the United States. Domestic.
    Presidential Approval: 49%
    Congressional Approval: ?
  • Watergate Scandal; Nixon

    Watergate Scandal; Nixon
    The Watergate Scandal was partially revealed, leading to the investigation, impeachment, and resignation of Richard Nixon. Controversial.
    Presidential approval: 57%
    COngressional approval: ?
  • ERA; Carter

    ERA; Carter
    Carter signs the House of Representatives Resolution for the Equal Rights Amendments. This would ensure equal rights for all workers, regardless of gender.
    Presidential approval: 78%
    Congressional approval: ?
  • NHP; Carter

    NHP; Carter
    Carter proposes a National Health Plan to Congress. Legislative.
    Presidential approval: 29%
    Congressional approval: ?
  • Carter Doctrine; Carter

    Carter Doctrine; Carter
    President Carter announces that millitary interference with Communism in the Middle East is a threat to U.S. National Security. Foreign.
    Presidential approval: 55%
    Congressional approval: ?
  • Moscow Olympics Boycott; Carter

    Moscow Olympics Boycott; Carter
    Carter tells US to withdraw from the Moscow Summer Olympics due to the Soviet's refusal to withdraw from Afghanistan. Controversial.
    Presidential approval: 51%
    Congressional approval:
  • Stem Cell Research; Bush

    Stem Cell Research; Bush
    Bush decided to fund stem cell research. Controversial.
    Presidential approval: 57%
    COngressional approval: ?
  • War in Afghanistan; Bush

    War in Afghanistan; Bush
    The United States enters the War in Afghanistan. Foreign.
    Presidential approval: 87%
    Congressional approval: ?
  • No Child Left Behind; Bush

    No Child Left Behind; Bush
    Bush signs the No Child Left Behind Act to help educational standards. Domestic.
    Presidential approval: 84%
    Congressional approval: ?
  • Medicare; Bush

    Medicare; Bush
    Bush signed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act. This was the first Medicare bill to provide prescription drug benefits to Medicare recipients. Legislative.
    Presidential approval: 62%
    Congressional approval: ?