By pm2870
  • the fire

    dana and kevin were eating while she goes back to the weylin
    kevin wants find some free papers for dana.
  • Dana was born

  • The fall

    Dana doesn’t have equal power with Kevin in 1970s California, she certainly does not profit by their plunge into antebellum Maryland.
  • dont care any more

    And as time goes by, her origins in the 1970s stop mattering as much to Rufus
  • kavin saw racial equality as mandatory and was shocked

    In the 1970s, when casual racism was still common in the United States, he saw racial equality as mandatory and was shocked and surprised by the prejudiced beliefs of other people
  • Kevin met Dana

  • first trip back

    date of birthday,.
    dana and kan moved,
    dana saved ruffs
  • Dana helped Rufus from the fight with Isaac

  • Dana saved Rufus from the River and the Fire

  • Her suicide attempt is practical

    When Dana slashes her wrists, she performs both a practical and a symbolic act. Her suicide attempt is practical: She knows that only the threat of death will send her back to 1976
  • Dana is back in 1976 for fifteen days.

  • Dana and Kevin arrive back in 1976

  • kevin got stronf

    After his five-year stint in the past, Kevin is a different man. He can hardly function in 1976
  • Dana's Birthday

  • Dana save Rufus from the fall

  • Dana came back the past to save Rufus falling from the tree

  • rufos found a book from dana

    Rufus fi She realizes that people crucial in African-American history—Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner—could be compromised if this modern book falls into the wrong hands.nds a book on slavery that Dana brought from 1976.
  • Dana save Rufus from the river and the fire

  • the fire

    DANA and kevin were reaching about the free passes when dana feeling dizzy.