Prenatal Integumentary Development

  • Coitus/Conception (Day 1)

    Fertilization forms zygote
  • Period: to


  • Zygote Divides (Day 2)

    Zygote has divided into 2 blastomeres
  • Morula (Day 3)

    Embryo is now called a morula and is comprised of 12 to 16 blastomeres
  • Implantation (Day 6)

    The blastocycst now implants into the uturine wall
  • Skin Formation (Week 4)

    Skin Formation (Week 4)
    Skin has began forming, it is so thin that it is transparent. Lower lip is formed.
  • (Week 5)

    (Week 5)
    Head is one third of the size of the embryo
  • Nipples (5 Weeks 2 Days)

    Nipples emerge on the embryo's trunk.
  • Facial Growth (5 Weeks 6 Days)

    Nose and jaw start to be formed
  • Facial Development (6 Weeks 2 Days)

    Tip of the nose emerges and eye folds are sometimes present.
  • Volar Pads and Eyelids (6.5 weeks)

    Volar Pads and Eyelids (6.5 weeks)
    Volar pads are formed Upper and Lower eyelids are present and growing
  • Fingertips (7.5 Weeks)

    Fingertips start to thicken, plantar pads thicken
  • Hair and Skin (Week 8)

    Hair and Skin (Week 8)
    Hairs begin to appear on eyebrows and around the mouth Skin becomes multilayered, it is no longer transparent
  • Nose and Lips (11 weeks)

    The nose and lips are fully formed
  • Sebaceous Glands (12 Weeks)

    Sebaceous glands are formed
  • Fat (15 weeks)

    Body fat emerges throughout the body
  • Sweat (Week 18)

    Sweat glands are formed
  • Melanin (Week 19)

    Melanin production starts
  • Week 20

    Week 20
    The fetus now has all skin layers Eyelids now seperate and eyes open and close
  • Tears (Week 26)

    Tear production starts
  • Birth (Week 40)