prenatal and pregnancy development

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    prenatal and pregnancy development

  • month 1- baby

    at two weeks size of a pinhead
    heart begains to beat
  • month 1- mom

    missed period
  • month 2- baby

    bones begain to form
    face eyes ears and limbs take shape
  • month 2- mom

    brest begain to swell
    morning sickness
    fatigue is common
  • month 3- baby

    about 1 in
    all organs present
    nostrils mouth lips teeth bubs, and eye lids form
  • month 3- mom

    brests become firmer and fuller may ache
    abdomen becomes slight bigger
    weight gain may total2-4 pounds
  • month 4- baby

    about 3 inches
    facial featurs become clear
    can suck its thumb
  • month 4- mom

    abdomen continus to grow
    most discomfort of early pregnancy
    appetite increases
  • month 5- baby

    about 6 1/2 to 7 in
    becomes more active
    organs are mauturing
  • month 5- mom

    enlarged abdomen becomes apparent
    slight fetel movement felt
    increase size may begain to affect posture
  • month 6- baby

    about 8-10 inches
    brething movement begains
  • month 6- mom

    fetel movements sensed as strong kicks
    weight gain by begaining of this month may total 10-12 pounds
  • month 7- baby

    about 10-12 inches
    active then rest nd quiet
  • month 7- mom

    increased size may affect posture
  • month 8- baby

    about 14-16 inches
    2 1/2- 3 pounds
    weight gain conitunes rapidley
    moves into head down position
    may react to loud noises
  • month 8- mom

    discomfort may result from increased size
    fetel kicks may disturb moms rest
    beggining of month weight gain totals to about 18-10 lbs
  • month 9- baby

    about 17-18 inches
    skin becomes smooth
    movemnet decreases
    acquires disese fighting antibodies from moms blood
    decends into pelvis ready for birth
  • month 9- mom

    a total weight gain og 25-30 lbs
    other discomfort may contuine
    false labor may be experienced