pregnancy trimesters

Timeline created by kianalynn2
  • first trimester

    first trimester
    start with an ultrasound to see what your baby looks like, make sure you are healthy, keep up with your pregnancy at the doctors. the baby will start off looking like an egg. also the egg will be little. Stay away from any form of drug. I will look for baby stuff like cribs and toys for the baby to be prepared.
  • second trimester

    second trimester
    get another ultrasound, along with a gender and make sure your baby is healthy. the baby will be a little bigger and your belly will begin to form. exercise a little something that wont hurt the baby. I will take you to yoga classes.
  • third trimester

    third trimester
    get your last ultrasound with a hearing of the heart beat to make sure the bays till healthy, start to shop for your baby , relax a lot. the baby is fully developed with fingers and toes. stay as relaxed as possible. I will take you to the hospital.