Pregnancy and Prenatal Development

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    Pregnancy and Prenatal Development

  • Month One - Mom

    Missed menstrual period
  • Month One - Baby

    Size: pin head
    Egg attaches to lining of uterus
    Critical stage for brain and spinal cord development
    Internal organs and circulatory system begin to form
    Heart begins to beat
  • Month Two - Mom

    Breasts begin to swell
    Pressure on bladder from enlarging uterus
    Possible nausea ("morning sickness")
  • Month Two - Baby

    Size: 1/4 inch
    Face, eyes, ears, and limbs take shape
    Bones begin to form
  • Month Three - Mom

    Breasts become firmer and fuller, may ache
    Nausea, fitigue, and frequent urination may continue
    Abdominal becomes slightly larger
    Uterus is about the size if an orange
    Weight gain may total 2-4 npounds
  • Month Three - Baby

    Size: 1 inch
    Nostrils, mouth, lips, teeth buds, and eyelids form
    Fingers and toes almost complete
    All organs present, although immature
  • Month Four - Mom

    Abdomen continues to grow slowly
    Most discomforts of early pregnancy, such as morning sickness, usually gone.
    Appetite increases
  • Month Four - Baby

    Size: 3 inches, 1 ounce
    Can suck thumb, swallow, hiccup and move around
    Facial features become clearer
  • Month Five - Mom

    Enlarged abdomen becomes apparent
    Slight fetal movements felt
    Increased sixe may begin to affect posture
  • Month Five - Baby

    Size: 6-7 inches, 4-5 ounces
    Hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows appear
    Teeth continue to develop
    Organs are maturing
    Becomes more active
  • Month Six - Mom

    Fetal movements sensed as strong kicks, thumps, and bumps. Some may be visible.
    Weight gain total 10-12 pounds
  • Month Six - Baby

    Size: 8-10 inches, 8-12 ounces
    Fat deposits under skin, but fetus appears wrinkled
    Breathing movements begin
  • Month Seven - Mom

    Increased size may affect posture
  • Month Seven - Baby

    Size: 10-12 inches, 1-2 pounds
    Periods of activity followed by periods of rest and quiet
  • Month Eight - Mom

    Discomfot ma result from increased size
    Backache, leg cramps, shortness of breath, and fatigue
    Weight gain total 18-20 pounds
  • Month Eight - Baby

    Size: 14-16 inches, 2-3 pounds
    Weught gain contiues rapidly
    May react to loud noises with a reflex jerking action
    Moves into a head-down position
  • Month Nine - Mom

    "Lightening" felt as the fetus drops into the pelvis
    Breathing becomes easier
    Other discomforts may continue
    Weight gain total 25-35 pounds
    False labor may be experienced
  • Month Nine - Baby

    Size: 17-18 inches, 5-6 pounds
    Weight gain continues until the week before birth
    Skin becomes smooth as fat deposits continue
    Movements decrease as the fetus has less room to move around
    Acquires disease-fighting antibodies from thee mother's blood
    Descends into pelvis, ready for birth