Pbtb wall

Preachool By the Bay

  • Established

    In 2008 Traci Johns Johnson opened the doors to her Preschool located in Daphne, Al.
  • Collaborating with the church

    Traci Johnson is the owner and director of PBTB, she rents the building from Daphne Baptist Church. The school is located behind Christ the King Catholic School and before Bayside Academy.
  • The Idea

    Traci opened her school with her Education Degree that she earned from Troy. She wanted to open an affordable school for busy parents, to help their children learn. Traci is a aingle mother and this business would allow her to spend time with her own children while helping out other parents with low pries and quality care.
  • Welcome to FACEBOOK

    PBTB FACEBOOK PAGEIn 2009 PBTB extended their network and got a FACEBOOK page. Facebook is a great way for parents to keep up with what is going on at the school, as well as for FREE advertising purposes.

    In December of 2009, just a few short months after PBTB got on Facebook, their enrollment status multiplied! Facebook Netwroking , Social Networking in general, WORKS!
  • BP Oil Spill Effects Business

    In April 2010, the BP oil spill happened, and many of the enrolled students at PBTB's parents lost their jobs, or were out of work, some families even had to move. This Drastically effective the enrollment status at PBTB and almost forced Traci Johnson to have to close her doors.
  • Oil Spill Ends

    The oild spill "ended " after a few months, although it took awhile for the area in general to recover. Enrollment Status at PBTB started looking up.
  • A new year, a new school!

    Traci Johnson kicked off 2011, with an all NEW staff, NEW students, ENROLLMENT STATUS was up, and all things were a go ! Traci was determined to continue the dreams and visions she had to run her own Preschool. And she did!
  • Kari !

    In Jan 2012, Kari Gruell took over the PreK4 class, one of the mostimportant in a preschool setting, this class alone is what prepares children for their education journey! Kari still works at the school and now is the Director, and PREK4 Teacher!
  • Miss Annie

    With many years of prior EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION experience Ms. Annie (ME) came on board at PBTB and took over Traci Johnson's PREK3 class so she could focus more on her role as director. Ms Annie still works at the school in PREK3 , and loves it!

    Over the summer Ms. Kari and Ms. Annie made several changes and really transformed the school! They moved classrooms around so students had more room to learn and play. The school was in the best shape ever when it's doors opened to start the 2012-2013 School Year. Traci gave Kari the role as Director and now Traci gets to enjoy time with her children , fmaily and friends and take an owner role. This school has been on one incredilbe journey in the past 4 years & it only gets better from here !