pre zero

  • Sep 6, 1203


    australopithecines were the first ancestors of humans. they are belived to be the first people to stand up straight.
  • Jan 3, 1303


    1600000 B.C.E.
    fire was an important discovery to mankind because it created a source of heat and warmth. it also created light and allowed humans to cook, which opened up a wider range of food sources.
  • Horses Domesticated

    Horses Domesticated
    30000 B.C.E
    this was an important time because it allowed a faster way of transportation.
  • the invention of the wheel

    the invention of the wheel
    5000 B.C.E
    the invention of the wheel made it easy to carry things that were to heavy for mankind to carry. it was alos used as a source of transportation.
  • sumer

    4500 B.C.E. - 2270 B.C.E
    sumer was the first form of civilization that farmed all year round. did you know that they invented a system of mathamatics based on the number 60. we divied an hour into 60 min and a min into 60 sec. this system comes from them. the sumarins were very smart and created alot of tools and equiptment like the axe and the hammer, the wheel and the first written language just to name a few.