Pre - American Revolutionary War

  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    Called the 7 years war and involved many people. The are took place in Europe, India and North America. Europe, Sweden, Austria and France came together to try to stop Fredrick the Great. This was when the salutary neglect ended, the british needed money because of the damages of the war.
  • The Sugar Act

    The Sugar Act
    The Britain’s second attempt at collecting taxes. The first attempt taxed Molasses, but failed to collect the taxes. Virtual representation because despite the colonist not being represented, the British still thought they could tax them.
  • The Currency Act

    The Currency Act
    An act that was intended to protect the British merchants from in depreciated currency.
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    Act that required a pay on the transfer of a document. Those that payed the tax had their document become legal, and mailable. Mercantilism because they tried to control the trade by making it expensive to mail items.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    Event that signaled the uprising of the Revolutionary War. It was when the British army killed 5 civilians and hurt 6 others.
  • The Tea Act

    The Tea Act
    The tea act was intended to reduce the amount of tea in storage, and help the company that sold it survive.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    A political protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston. They protested against the British, the controllers of the taxes on tea. This is mercantilism because they believed it the benefits of trading, so they take imports and exports.
  • The Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts
    Made up of 4 separate acts and these were a variety of acts that were issued as a direct response to the boston tea party. Many colonists viewed these acts as a violation of the rights.
  • "Common Sense" Published

    "Common Sense" Published
    The document disagreed with the authority of the British government. This was written for the the common American to understand it. Was the first document to ask for independence from Britain.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Document signed by many people that declared our independence, as colonies, from Great Britain