power play francine pascal 150 pages

  • 1-18 18 pages

    elizabeth is worried about robin because she hasnt been at school for a few days.. while robin is gone she runs 5 miles a day but she got blackballed so she cant join the pba elizabeth know jessice put the black ball in the box.
  • 18-46 28 pages

    jessica keeps recieving very expensive gifts from lila fowler but elizibeth suspects something. lila tells her she got all the gifts from her aunt in new york.
  • 47-80 33 pages

    elizabeth sees lila at the mall shoplifting.but she is too afriad to tell anyone not even her very own boyfriend.
  • 80-150 70 pages

    after robin had been turned down by the pba and humiliated in front of the whole school she decides to lose weight and join the cheerleading team. the whole school is suprised espeacially jesscia.