Potens! Art and Culture!

  • Period: 500 to

    Potens: Art and Culture!

  • 550

    Stories and myths.

    Paintings of stories and myths were made.
  • 560

    Sculptures were made out of marble

    Sculptures were made out of marble
  • Nov 18, 600

    Developing games.

    Toys and ball games are invented for children. Horse racing and dog fighting is seen as a form of entertainment.
  • Nov 18, 650

    Language schools.

    The first language schoo opened this year.
  • Nov 18, 700

    Stone Ovens.

    Stone ovens have been developed from the open fire.
  • Nov 18, 750

    Paintings and gold.

    There are now paintings of the Potenese Gods,and gold is now used in sculptures.
  • Nov 18, 1000

    Singing performances are developed

    Singing becomes a new form of entertainment.
  • Nov 18, 1050

    Paintings of stories were made

  • Nov 18, 1100

    Food variety widens.

    Food varieties widen to wheat, eggs, dairy products...
  • Nov 18, 1150

    Paintings of gods

  • Nov 18, 1200

    A number system is invented.

    This year, the first number system of this society is invented.
  • Nov 18, 1300

    Stone sculptures.

    The sculptures made out of mud, now upgraded to stone.
  • Nov 18, 1350

    Dancing becomes a form of entertainment.

    Dancing became popular entertainment performances for all ages.
  • Nov 18, 1400

    Vegetables and crops.

    The first vegetables and crops were growns - and eaten.
  • Nov 18, 1450

    A written language was developed.

    The written language was developed. It is named Potanese.
  • Nov 18, 1500

    Popular drawings.

    Tree sap drawings became popular at this time.
  • Torture becomes a form of entertainment.

    This year, torture became a form of entertainment for adults and teenagers.
  • Sculptures of gods were made

  • Eating utensils developed.

    Simple cutlery and eating utensils are invented for easier eating habits.
  • New tools.

    New tools were created for art.
  • Proper speaking.

    Proper speaking, with words, was invented.
  • Food evolved.

    Food was cooked over fire. The Potens also hunted and fished.
  • Running races become entertainment.

    The first ever recorded running races as a form of entertainment for all ages is developed.
  • Simple paint is invented for artwork.

    Simple paint is invented by mixing dirt, dust, and water and colourings from natural substances
  • Exotic fruits are eaten

    Exotic fruits were discovered and eaten during this year.
  • Short stories and myths.

    The first ever story and myth was written.
  • First plays.

    The first plays were developed.
  • Mud was used as paint

  • First sculptures.

    The first sculptures were made with mud.
  • Sculptures were made out of dried mud

  • Simple words are developed.

    The beginnings of simple words had developed, eat, sleep, want, etc.
  • First games.

    Stick and stone games were played.
  • Simple food.

    The Potens ate simple food, food grown from trees, and from the ground.
  • Cave Drawings.

    The first cave drawings were drawn with natural charcoal