Potato chip

  • Fry mistake

    Fry mistake
    George Speck also known as Crum started it all. Crum was a chef at a resort called "MoonLake Lodge". Crum had made french fries for a customer,but the customer complained they were too thick. Crum took them back and made them intentionaly thin. The customer loved them and the rest of the customers insisted on the thin french fry.
  • Crumb opened new restaurant

    Crumb opened new restaurant
    Crum opened a new restaurant called "Crum's House". At this fine eatery you could find a bowl of potato chips on every table. This new invention took the world by storm! Crum's House catered to many rich places within a couple years.
  • Crum's reataurant closed

    Crum's reataurant closed
    Crum's restaurant came to an end in 1890. No source that I have found tells why it came to an end. Later in 1914 Crums had died, at the age of 92.
  • Potato chips arrived in stores

    Potato chips arrived in stores
    In 1895 William Tappendon realized potato chip needed to be sold at grocery stores.So what William did was he made chips in his own kitchen and delivered them to the neighborhood.
  • mechanical potato peeler invented

    mechanical potato peeler invented
    At this point in time people were still hand peeling potatoes because there was no other way to do it... until now! This invention made potato chips the top selling item on the market.
  • Hanover Home Brand Potato Chips

    Hanover Home Brand Potato Chips
    The Hanover Home Brand Potato Chips was made by Bill & Sallie Utz. Sallie started making potato chips in a house behind the Utz's. Sallie made around fifty pounds of potato chips every hour. Bill was the deliverer. He delivered them to "Mom & Pop" grocery store.
  • Scudder's company makes wax paper bag for chips

    Scudder's company makes wax paper bag for chips
    Before these bags were invented potatoes were sold in barrels or baskets. Now after the invention potato chips last longer and stay fresher.
  • Lays potato chips was founded

    Lays potato chips was founded
    Herman Lay was the creator of the Lays company. Lays potato chips were just one of the potato chip factories. However Lays was the first majorly sucessful factory. This brand helped the potato chip spread from coast to coast.
  • Flavored chips invented

    Flavored chips invented
    The first flavored chip was salt but, the chip didn't come salted you had to salt it your self with a little packet of salt. The first flavored chip you didn't have to flavor yourself was Cheese & Onion and the other was Salt "n" Vinager.
  • Bringing in the money

    Bringing in the money
    In 2003 the potato chip was officaly in the popular group. over six billion dollars were spent a year on potato chips. And the buisness it created, created 65,00 jobs.