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In History
  • French Humiliation in Egypt

  • Period: to

    Campaign by Republicans for electoral reform

  • Protugal Constitution

  • Spanish Constitution

  • Bad Harvest

  • Polish Uprising against Austrian

  • Period: to

    Second Campaign for electoral reform

  • Sicily Uprising

  • Creation of a Sicilian Constitution

  • "Banquet" protests

    Banned by Guizot
  • National Guard refuses to shoot on Banquet

  • Louis Philipe Abdicates

  • Second French Republic Proclaimed

  • Decree of National Workshop

  • Protest by Uni Students in Vienna

    Get Metternicht out
  • Austrian Emperor consents having an Hungarian gov

  • Period: to

    Polish Uprising against Prussia

  • War between Piedmont and Austria

  • Election of Moderate and Conservative chamber

  • German Constituent National Assembly

  • Clubs of Political Left try to overthrow gov

  • Pan Slavic Congress in Prague

  • Protest in Prague

  • Decree closing National Workshops

  • Period: to

    The June days

    10k casualties + 4k deported to Algeria
  • Austrian Victory at Custoza

  • Swiss Liberal Constitution

  • Insurrection in Vienna

  • Constitution of 1848 ratified

  • Schwarzenberg appointed in Austria (conservative PM)

  • "Basic rights of the German People"

  • Emperor abdicates for his son Franz Joseph

    On the demand of Schwarzenberg
  • Louis Napoleon elected President of the Republic

    Wins with 75% of the votes
  • Proclamation of the Roman Republic

  • Possible German Constitution

  • Hungarian National Assembly proclaimed Magyar independence

  • Radical candidates are 1/3 of Assembly

  • Period: to

    French siege Roman republic then defeat

  • Ledru-Rollin Fails at creating Insurrection

  • End of Hunargian Resistance

  • Venetian republic is defeated by Austrian

  • Falloux Law

    Opens up for religious schools + Girls schools creation
  • Pope returns to Rome

  • German Confederation abrogates "Basic rights of the German people declaration"

  • Louis Napoleon Coup

  • Plebiscite accepts Napoleon III

  • New Constitution "Consular Democracy"

  • Napoleon III Emperor of the French