By Anet
  • conner

    one day after :darcy returnes to strattford to give cecelia the diary and to tell everyone how andy had died.
  • 1 week after Eden

    1 week after Eden
    darcy wants to find frances-jane to tell her about andys story and how he died and what she meant to him
  • Period: to

    Boys of Blood and Bone activity

  • 1 month after

    1 month after
    Henry starts to open his own pub next to the iffel tower
  • 1 year later

    1 year later
    Henry and Janine now own a huge mansion with a gigantic yard and a pool, janine found out she was pregnant with 7 kids and they just pay ppl to look arfter them. They have all this money cause henry sold 10 billion dollors worth of nuclear weapons to terriosts.