poll tax overview

  • introduced to scotland

    poll tax was introduced to scotland
  • Period: to


  • scots not paying

    at least 15% of scottland were not paying
  • trafalgar square battle/riots (active)

    proteters turned up to protest against poll tax. it then turned into a riot battle between police and the protesters.
  • 1 million people not paying

    1million people had not payed a penny towards the tax
  • 14 million people not paying tax

    at least 14,000,000 people were not paying poll tax in england
  • margret thatcher resined from her post

    prime minister resigned and john major became the new prime minster
  • scotland 35% non paying (passive)

    in scotland 35% of scotland were not paying
  • 18,000,000 not paying

    18 million people not payingpoll tax
  • poll tax abolished

    council taxreplaces poll tax