Political Party

Timeline created by Fleiboy
  • Federalists

    The first US party. Alexander Hamilton was one the peaple to start it. They were the majority party untill early 1800s
  • Period: to

    Political Party

  • anti-Federalists

    They were second party. Thomas Jefferson started them. They were also known as the Democratic-Republican party.
  • anti-Federalists was renamed Democrats

    Andrew Jackson was the one that changed the name. His Domocrats followed the South and West. His Deomocrats had little oposition for about ten years.
  • Whig

    The old Federalists made this party. The Wigs were the also Republican party, but Republicans did not cach. They gave Democrats some compition for a wile.
  • Republican

    It was formed by antislavery groops. It made it so that there was four major partys. This is also the Republican party that we still have.
  • Republicans take election and Civil War starts

    The antislavery groops made it so that this could happen. Abraham Lincoln won the election. Abraham Lincoln was the president we had as the Civil War starts.