political and social changes in great britain

By dromero
  • the reform bill of 1832

    parliament was scared and feared and feared the revolutionary violence would spread.
  • queen victoria

    she took the throne at 18 and she was queen for 64 years. she was popular with subjects and she performed her duties wisely and capably.
  • The Chartist Movement

    Among the workers and other groups who still could not vote, a popular movement arose to press for more rights.
  • woman suffrage

    woman were not allowed to vote no country allowed it. as more men gained suffrage, more woman demanded the same. lucretia mott and elizabeth cady stanton orginized a campaign for woman's rights early as 1848.
  • the third republic

    a radical goverment called the paris commube took control of paris. in may, troops loyal to the national assembly marched into the city. after a week of fighting the army stamped out the communards as supporters of the commune were called. about 20,000 parisians were massacred and much of the city burned.
  • Zionism

    In the 1890s, a movement knwn as Zionism developed to pursue this goal. Its leader was Theodor Herzl. It took many years, however, before the state of Israel was established, making the dream a reality.
  • demands for home rule

    in 1914 parliament enacted a home rule bill for southern ireland and just before the plan took effect world war 1 broke out in europe and the irish independence was put on hold.