Pobre ana

Pobre Ana Timeline

  • Chapter 1 event 1

    Chapter 1 event 1
    Ana is a girl with a lot of problems with her family. She is poor, and has a hard life. Her parents and siblings always yell at her, and never help her with the many problems that she faces on a day-to-day basis.
  • Chapter 1, event 2

    Chapter 1, event 2
    Ana's family is very poor, and her friends are very rich, and she is jealous of all their nice, expensive clothes, by the designers such as Calvin Klein and Nike. They show off alot, as well, making her feel even worse.
  • Chapter 2, event 1

    Chapter 2, event 1
    Ana is frustrated because she can't find her yellow book that she needs for school. Her family can't help her because they are busy too.
  • Chapter 2, event 2

    Chapter 2, event 2
    In spanish class, her teacher, Senora Borda, offers a chance to go on a trip to mexico. Her parents are mad because they don't have enough money, but she bets them to go.
  • Chapter 3, event 1

    Chapter 3, event 1
    She goes to the airport, and eventually arrives in Mexico, and she takes a taxi to the house of the family that she is staying with when she finds the family that she is staying with did not come to pick her up at the airport.
  • Chapter 3, event 2

    Chapter 3, event 2
    She arrives at the family's house, and has a very hard time understanding them, so she just says "Si" alot.
  • Chapter 4, event 1

    Chapter 4, event 1
    Ana goes with Juana, and Susana, the girls that belong to the Sanchez family, which she is staying with, all walk together around the general area. They go to the gym and talk about boys. They also go to the park and other various places.
  • Chapter 4, event 2

    Chapter 4, event 2
    They go to a taco stand-sort of thing after exploring the surrounding area, and Ana gives her opinion of the food. She likes it, and said it is mostly different from the food that she regularly eats in California. They compare and contrast the foods, and it is mostly different, since they eat alot of rice and that sort of thing.
  • Chapter 5, event 1

    Chapter 5, event 1
    Ana goes to the gym by herself a few days later, and she meets a girl named Patricia. They begin talking, and eventually Patricia invites Ana over to her house to talk and do girl stuff.
  • Chapter 5, event 2

    Chapter 5, event 2
    At Patricia's house, they talk about interests and likes and dislikes. The both like music and dance among other things. They become fast friends, and share many secrets together.
  • Chatper 6, event 1

    Chatper 6, event 1
    Several days later, Patricia takes Ana to a dance. Ana meets a boy names Ricardo, and they start to dance. Ana and Ricardo talk about their families, and Ricardo has a big family in a VERY small house. Ana feels that everything that she complains about not having is nothing compared to what Ricardo faces on a day to day basis.
  • Chapter 6, event 2

    Chapter 6, event 2
    After the dance, Ana begins contenplating. She is very happy that she met Ricardo and all that, but she is sad because Ricardo seems to have many, many problems, like her, (but maybe more!) and he has a really good perspective on life. She always is a pessimist, and thinks that she should start changing her ways.
  • Chapter 7, event 1

    Chapter 7, event 1
    Ana is preparing to leave Mexico, and she says her goodbyes to Patricia. Some boys greet them as well. She is very sad to be leaving all of her newfound friends, and is very melancholy.
  • Chapter 7, event 2

    Chapter 7, event 2
    Finally, it is time to go home.. She goes to say goodbye to Ricardo. They promise to write each other, and they say their final goodbyes. The Sanchez family accompanies her to the airport, and she leaves Mexico.
  • Chapter 8, event 1

    Chapter 8, event 1
    She heades home after returning to California, and greetes her family. She seems to take a whole new perspective on life. She talks about how large the house is, when she thought how small it was before. Also, when she goes to school, and her friends flaunt all of their hot new clothes, she doesn't care about what they have, and all of her stuff is awesome in her own mind.
  • Chapter 8, event 2

    Chapter 8, event 2
    Ricardo sent her a letter, and said that his life is going pretty good. He is happy, and his family seems perfect to him. She sends a letter back saying that she is happy that Patricia will soon visit, and she is coming back to Mexico in about 2 years.
  • Chapter 9, event 1

    Chapter 9, event 1
    When she goes to school one day, Ana talks to a guy named Paul, who is like a student body president. She has an idea for the next school dance, instead of collecting money, they will collect old clothes to send to the less fortunate in Mexico. Paul thinks it's a wonderful idea, and they decide to go through with it.
  • Chapter 9, event 2

    Chapter 9, event 2
    They have the dance, and it was a big success. They get alot of clothes, and they give it to a shelter-like-thing. They feel really good about themselves, and Ana has a lot better perspective on life, and overall becomes a better person.