Pierce County Council

By Tigmit
  • Transportation Plan Update

    Transporation Plan
    The last draft was produced in 2009. The Public Works dept plan omn finishing next report in 2015
  • Travel Demand Modeling

    Taffic Demand ModelingThe exact date is not foubnd, but the TIP project is onviously tied to previous acts of government.
  • Traffic Impact Fees

    Traffic Impact Fees"On Oct. 26, 2010, the Pierce County Council adopted two ordinances that allow builders to defer Traffic Impact Fees, Park Impact Fees, and sewer connection charges" (Public Works, Pierce County)
  • Period: to

    Process to Pass Policy

  • Planning Commission Reccomendation to County Council

    "On August 27, 2013, we presented these
    programs to Planning Commission. The Planning Commission recommended the County Council to
    adopt both programs. We anticipate the County Council will approve these programs in November" Public Works, Pierce County
  • Staff Report

    partial timlineFrom Public Works to Pklanning Commission
  • Agency Staff Report, Pierce County Public Works and Utilities, TIP, 2014

    Includes description and objectives of proposal. Issues and analyses, notice of public hearing and an Environmental Review.
  • "provides details on roadway level of service measurement and strategies to address concurrency issues" (Public Works and Utilities, Pierce County)

    Pierce County's Transportation Concurrency Management System Annual Report
  • Presented to County Coucil

    Meet the council
    This is the meeting that I attended, where the Public Works dept, presented the Traffic Improvement Project outline to the Pierce County Council