By MrBrou
  • the piano time line

    A man named Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori created the first piano in Italy.
  • Bach

    J. C. F. Bach was born.
  • W. A. Mozart

    Mozart was born in 1756.
  • Germans get piano

    Germany begins to make pianos
  • John Boardwood

    John started to make the piano called Burkat Shudi.
  • Beethoven

    Beethoven was bron on 1700
  • Beethoven

    Beethoven was born in 1770.
  • More piano makers

    James Ball started to make pianos
  • Longest surviveing piano company

    Johann Adolph Ibach starts making piano and this company is still around today
  • Even Napoleon needs a piano

    Erard was a piano maker that made a piano for Napoleon with and the piano had five petals
  • Piano schools

    By the early 1800s piano schools began poping around the hole world
  • double action

    1823, created the double action that people still use today.
  • Automatic player

    Edward H. Leveaux made a automatic player it was called the atomatic player becase it did musi by its self in Febuary 27, 1879.
  • Keyboard come out

    First eletronic piano sold better know by the keyboard