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Photo House

  • Photo House Founded

    Photo House Founded
    There is almost no information from this time, except that Photo House was one of the first special interest houses at RIT.
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    Jason Mancine served as Photo House president from 1994 to 1996, when he moved to 211-D Perkins Green. This apartment became all but an extension of Photo House, and was passed down until at least 1998.
  • CSH War!

    CSH War!
    The old speech shows outrage at an unprovoked attack by CSH. A call to arms is made, ultimately leading to Photo House's "finest hour". According to Jason Mancine, Photo House was attacked again by CSH, the second time involving water balloons. This fight ended when a smoke alarm was hit, causing the evacuation of all of NRH.
  • Dissolution of Photo House

    Dissolution of Photo House
    Some organizational problems in Photo House led to the dissolution of the organization. With the new president, Jason Mancine, and the help of Jamie McLean, they rewrote the constitution from the ground up. To learn more about this era in Photo House, visit their website: Photo House - The '90s
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    The Year of Growth

    This year was the year that Photo House expanded to fill the entire floor (62 members). These members accomplished things such as purchasing a 4x5 camera for the studio and having photographer Dan Larkin give a lecture on his work. They also showed off their skills by taking family portraits at RIT's Brick City Homecoming.
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    Year of New Stuff

    When members realized how outdated their equipment was, they set out to use all of the fundraising money from years past to make some upgrades. These improvements included new Profoto strobes for the studio, fresh white paint for the gallery, and an enlarger timer for the darkrooms. That was nothing, though, compared to what went into modernizing the Print Finishing room. A new Macintosh G4 was purchased, as well as a mat cutter. Epson graciously donated a 1280 printer as well.
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    More improvements!

    The improvements made the year before helped to modernize the floor, but they did nothing to promote the social aspect of Photo House. Enter the display boards, one outside of every room on the floor. These boards were built by Photo House members to allow residents to showcase their current work and help create an air of inspiration on floor. Other improvements made this year include the card-swipe security locks on all of the facility doors and a prop box in the studio.
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    Year of Paint

    In 2004-2005, Photo House members refreshed the look of both the lounge and kitchen. The kitchen was painted yellow on 3 walls, and teal on the fourth, while the lounge was painted a light red. In other news, the Print Finishing room had an Epson 4180 Scanner added to its collection.
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    The president of Photo House, Ali Sable, wrote a letter explaining a SPAS Holiday Auction run by Photo House to help raise money to fix the studio lights, and donate to "Kids with Cameras".
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    2009-2010 School Year

    This was an extremely progressive year for Photo House, accomplishing things such as painting the kitchen orange and bringing in professional photographers for open lectures. Shelves were built in the Print Finishing Room to accomodate the growing book collection. The year wasn't all work though. Members enjoyed events like a picnic at Letchworth and participated in the year's Mud Tug.
  • Bookshelves Installed

    Bookshelves Installed
    In order to accomodate our growing library, three rows of shelves were installed on the back wall of the Print Finishing Room.
  • Filmstrips Painted!

    Filmstrips Painted!
    The filmstrips on the parking lot side of the wall were painted. The Freshman Project was led by Treasurer Vinny DiCairano.
  • Filmstrips Painted

    Filmstrips Painted
    On April 7th 2011, Photo House finished painting filmstrips on one side of the hallway. The strips went all the way from Guam to Tahiti (Codenames for the 2 ends of our halls). Treasure Vinny DiCairano oversaw the project.