• the first phone call

    alexander graham bell made the first phone call on march 10, 1876. by the end of 1887 there were 300 telephones in sevice
  • manual switching board

    in 1878 a manual switching board was made and phones can be connected by one switch
  • first lang distance call

    the first telephone call from boston to new york. after this first call there were othere from new york to philidelphia (1885) and chicago (1892)
  • first automatic dialing system

    Almon Strowger , a kansas city undertaker, was tired of waiting on people to switch his calls so he got rid of all the operators and made found a way to call one phone straight to another
  • new york to london

    there was a connection between ne york and london useing radio waves
  • eletric telephone exchanges

    electric telephone exchanges were started but perfected in the 1960's with the electronic switching system
  • commercial moblie servise

    the world's first commercial moblie sevises put inot work.
  • communications satilite

    the first communications satilite was launched
  • then to now

    from then to now phones have been upgreaded for human use and need