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Phillis Wheatley

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  • Phillis Wheatley is born

    Phillis Wheatley is believed to be born in West Africa, (Now) Gambia. She is believed to be born in 1753- though no one is sure of the exact date.
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    Phillis Wheatley's Life

  • Phillis Wheatley is sold

    Phillis Wheatley was sold to the Americans, Susannah Wheatley and John Wheatley at the age of 7 or 8. Phillis was named after the boat she came on.
  • Phillis's learning

    Phillis's learning
    Phillis Wheatley was being taught by her owner: Sussanah Wheatley and know knows more than any white colonial girl. Phillis is nine at this time.
  • Phillis hears a story and decides to write a poem about it

    Phillis hears a story and decides to write a poem about it
    In 1756, when Mr.Hussey and Mr.Coffin from Nantucket to Boston. They talked about how their ship nearly sunk in Cape Cod and others. Phillis then wrote a poem about their journey.
  • Phillis Wheatley publishes her first poem

    Phillis published her first poem at the age of 12. She has written her poem because of the Mr. Hussey and Mr. Coffin's story that she has heard. Her poem was published in the newspaper 'Newport Mercury'.
  • Phillis writes a poem on Christopher Snider's death

    Phillis writes a poem on Christopher Snider's death
    It was when an angry mob of people came to protest to the government. Little 11 year old Christopher Snider was shot by a soldier and killed. To Phillis, Christopher Snider was 'The first martyr of Revolution'. Phillis wrote a poem about him and the secret rage in everyone's heart.
  • Phillis' Test

    Phillis' Test
    Phillis was taken in front of 18 black men to see if her poems could be published as books. The men were amazed! A book of poems, by a Negro woman! They did not believe her. In the end Phillis' book was not published there.
  • Phills' Sea Voyage

    Phills' Sea Voyage
    Since Phillis did not have a chance to publish her book of poems in The New England (USA). She sailed to England to see King George the third. Also she went to see if her poem could be published in the end it was. It was the first book to ever be written by a black American woman.
  • Books advertised and published.

    Phillis' book arrived in The USA and ws advertised on this day. The books sold well. All of them were sold and more were ordered.
  • Susannah Wheatley dies

    Susannah Wheatley dies
    Phillis' 'mother' died in the spring of 1774 a few days before or after the second order of books arrived. She had lived long enough to see Philis succeed and was very proud of her.
  • George Washington's 'Reply'

    A few months before this, the exact date I do not know, Phillis had written a poem called 'Reply' to George Washington. His reply was calling her 'Miss Phillis'. This was the first time that the president ever addressed a Negro as 'Miss'.
  • Phillis Wheatley dies

    At only the age of 31. Phillis Wheatley, the Negro poet girl, died of childbirth. She died young but she had made and incredible mark on the USA. She died a few years after the revolution.