phase 1

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    phase 1

  • the Battle of Lexington

    the Battle of Lexington
    The americans were led by john parker, the brave american patriot. The british, lead by gen gage, were marching to concord when they came along the 60 american troops. nobady knows who, but an american fired the first shot, and the american revolutoin began. at the end of the battle, 8 american sodiers lay dead in the field of battle.
  • The Battle of Concord

    The Battle of Concord
    the americans were lead by John Parker, and the British were lead by Gen Gage. the british goal was to disarm the Americans in Concord, the americans won the battle
  • Fort Ticonderoga

    Fort Ticonderoga
    The americans were lead by gen. Ethen Allen and Benidict Arnold, they were planning to take the fort from the british because they wanted to capture the area and the much needed waepons inside it. The americans won and got the fort and the weapons inside it
  • the Battle of Bunker Hill

    the Battle of Bunker Hill
    the americans were going after the positoin of the hill, they were lead by William Prescot. it was a failed attempt by the americns bu they did manage to kill more than 1000 british soldiers
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    the americans were lead once agian by genreal Benidict Arnold. they were hoping to draw the canadians to the american cuase y capturing a base that the british had contol of in canada. the americans failed their task.
  • British Retreat from Boston

    British Retreat from Boston
    the americans led by general knox ad recently had boston stolen from them by the british and they wanted to regain control of it. he british ld by general howe were force to rretreat and the americans reainedcontroll of bostn