Pharmacist Technology

By heffy7
  • Pill Counting

    Pill Counting
    Before the 1970s pills were counted by hands which caused many errors in the amount of pills given to the patient
  • First Automated Pill Counter

    First Automated Pill Counter
    The first pill counter called the KL7 was made to ensure accurate amount of pills are given to the patients and to save time
  • Pill Counter

    Pill Counter
    A new automatic pill counter called the KL8 was made that was more compact and efficent
  • Automatic Pill Counter and Packaging

    Automatic Pill Counter and Packaging
    This is an early version of the pill counter and packager. It was inexpensive and it was very efficent
  • Computer Interfaced Pill Counter

    Computer Interfaced Pill Counter
    The new pill counter alllowed for checking the amount of pills several times to ensure they were 100% correct on the amount of pills given
  • Valimed

    Valimed ensures the correct prescription is given to the patient. The medication is place on a surface. In 30 seconds it says what the prescription is
  • Hands Free

    Hands Free
    The new model allowed for hundreds of prescriptions to be processed very quickly. It also packaged the medications.
  • Tablet Counters

    A tablet counter has become a standard in more than 30,000 sites in 35 countries