Peru's Life

  • May 13, 1532

    Fransico Pizzaro lands

    Pizzaro lands on the nothern coast of peru
  • Mar 15, 1541

    Pizzaro assassination

    Pizarro is assassinated by Almagro’s son.
  • May 12, 1551


    The National University of San Marcos, Peru, is the oldest in the Americans and was founded on May 12, 1551.c
  • bullfighting

    Bullfighting is a popular sport in Peru. Francisco Pizarro, the Spaniard conquistador who discovered Peru, brought the first lidia bull for fighting to Lima himself, holding the first bullfight in 1538. The permanent bullring in Lima was built in 1768 and it is the third-oldest bullring in the world, after the ones in Madrid and Seville.
  • Peru rebellion

    The Spanish crush a rebellion led by the last Incan emperor, Túpac Amaru II.
  • Date of Independence

    Date of independence happened on this day
  • soccer riot

    The world’s worst soccer riot occurred in Peru in May 1964 during a Peru vs. Argentina match in Lima, after an unpopular decision by a referee. In all, 300 fans were killed and more than 500 injured.
  • Spices in Peru

    Chili sauce and hot spices were banned from prison food in Peru in 1973.
  • asparagus

    Peru is the largest exporter of asparagus in the world, with over 117,000 metric tons in 2012.
  • The Population

    Just under 30 million people live in Peru (29,849,303) as of July 2013.