perth history

  • king park

    king park
    remane the king park
  • white transfer

    white transfer
    bule and white transfefr jug.
  • safefezuard water

    1872= 175ha gazetted as a reserve at MT.Elizl to safezuard water.
  • new public park

    1890= new pulic park of 396ha repplaced existing MT. Eliza reserve.
  • museum

    Wednesday 9 September 1891 , they build the museum. Museum represents one of the oldest standing buildings in Western Australia.
  • music library

    long time ago they have music library.the music it lke in movie music. it not real pop sound.
  • perthpark

    By - laws passed to manage the perth park.
  • good ticket

    In 1902 the state government granted the ras 34 acres of land in claremont where the Royal show continues to be held annually.
  • the bush in the city

    the bush in the city. we are here aboout 16 miles out of perth- bush all round-marvellour arir ,marvellous sun and sky strange, vest empty country- hoary unending 'bush' with primelal ghost in it ....................
    D.H Lawrence , writing to E.H Brewster, 1922
  • the Japanese attack

    The Jaanese attack on pearl harbour.
  • japanes colonel

    japanes colonel doi't 2/ 228.
    Infantry battalion attacked the airfield just prior to midnight 19
    feb 1942.
  • Japanese Fang

    A Japanese flag signied by members of the 2/2. This was bossibly after the Japanese surrender in new britain in 1945.
  • new paper

    The sunday time perth ,west australia march12 long time ago the new paper are different to today. they don't have picture colour .
  • protect king park

    legislation passed to protect king't park from proposals to build recreational and other facilities on park land.
  • muttaburrasaurus langdoni

    The original akeleton was found in 1963 near muttaburra, central Queeusland. Was 7 metre long plant - eating dinosaur which lived around 100 millon year ago.
  • trash of treasure

    transperth multirider tickets from the 1980 and 1990.
  • ticket

    Good time ticket. The old ticket in long time. it diferent by today.
  • narrative

    These narrative planels trace the evolution of this area from it's originsins in the bibbullumu nation to the arrival of europeans, industrial and harticulturar grouth. The phese of dormanry and finally renewal as a pplace of community and harmony for the human spirit.
  • photo

    in long ago they have photo but they are different to today.Before they have build of city,but they they build it different from today. In long time a agothe build lot of thing but people change from today.
  • plaque

    The plaque was unveiled by THE HON GRAHAM KIERATE
    MAL. On 1 march 1997 to make the completion of this by MIV EGAN, JENNY DAWSON AND SANDRA HILL.
  • library state

    library state
    library starte make in 15 jun 2006