Personal Timeline:)-Miranda Dudek

  • Born

    1st born!
  • My favortie cousin's date of birth

  • 1st birthday

    1st Birthday:)
  • 2nd Birthday:)

  • 9/11- Terriost attack

    RIP: to all the people who died in the World Trade Center
  • 3rd Birthday:)

  • 4th Birthday:)

  • First day of Kindergarden

  • First Soccer Team

    I haven't stopped playing ever since<3
  • 5th birthday:)

  • First time to Disney World

  • 6th birthday:)

  • 7th birthday:)

  • 8th Birthday:)

  • 9th Birthday:)

  • First Time going to Ceader Point

  • First Time going to Niagra Falls

  • First day at new school-St. John Lutheran

  • 10th Birthday:)

  • Joined Soccer Travel Team

  • 11th Birthday:)

  • 12th Birthday:)

  • 13th Birthday:)

  • 8th Grade D.C. Trip

  • First Day To High School