Personal Project Plan

By aude
  • Introduction to personal project

    Ms. Stephenson talked to us in assembly about PP and sent us home thinking about it.
  • Period: to

    Phase 1 - Initial goal setting

  • My initial ideas

  • In search of a project

  • Parents information evening

    Niether me or my parents even went to that!
  • Initial project ideas to personal project coordinator

    Had to hand in a sheet with our ideas on a project, product and etc. to Ms. Stephenson
  • Supervisers allocated

    Blog entryMy supervisor is Ms. Anderson, I am actually quite happy because she is a Higher Level Maths so this should work out pretty well.
  • First meeting with supervisor

    Blog entryDiscuss goals, introduce AOI and Specs)
  • Review meeting with panel

    Blog entryI just had to talk to Ms. Stephenson
  • Period: to

    Phase 2 - Research and Planning

  • Initial specifications submitted to supervisor and plan for holidays completed

  • Personal project meeting

  • Period: to

    Phase 3 - Reflection and Product Development

  • Period: to

    Review meeting with panel

  • Final product due

  • Period: to

    Phase 4 - Presenting the Outcome

  • Draft 1 of the reports

  • Final draft of the report and process journal due

  • Oral reports marking and review

  • Personal Project Fair