Persecution Of Jews

  • Boycott of Jewish Businesses

    Boycott of Jewish Businesses
    Less than 3 months after coming to power in Germany, the Nazi leadership stages an economic boycott targeting Jewish-owned businesses and the offices of Jewish professionals.
    This is unfair to the jews because they could not own business.
  • Civil Service Law

    Civil Service Law
    The law removed Jews and political opponents of the Nazis from civil service positions including school university and government jobs.
    This is unfair to the jews because they could not have certain jobs.
  • Education Law

    Education Law
    The law started that Jewish students could be no more than 5% of the student population of any public school or university
    This was unfair because the jews could not not be seen in public.
  • Press Censorship Law

    Press Censorship Law
    The German Propaganda Ministry kept registries of “racially pure” editors and journalists. New reporters had to register and show they were not Jewish.
    This was unfair to the jews by not letting the jews there and they could not be jews at all.
  • Mandatory Military Service

    Mandatory Military Service
    This law was created by the German Government. This law took away the right for Jews to serve in the Military. This was
  • Reich Citizenship Law

    Reich Citizenship Law
    This law defined who the German government considered German and who was a Jew.
    This was unfair to the jews because he was jew.
  • Germany Annexes Austria

    Germany Annexes Austria
    On March 11–13, 1938, German troops invade Austria and incorporate Austria into the German Reich in what is known as the Anschluss.
    This is unfair because they invaded people that did not fo anything
  • Evian Conference of Refugees

    Evian Conference of Refugees
    Jews from Europe were trying to immigrate to other countries. Leaders from 32 countries met to discuss whether they should admit the refugees. Some said they would allow them in while others said no.
    This is unfair to the jews because they could not immigrate to a different country.
  • Sudetenland Ceded to Germany

    Sudetenland Ceded to Germany
    Czechoslovakia in September, 1938. Hitler threatened war if Czechoslovakia didn’t let surrender Sudetenland to Germany.
    This is unfair to the jews because they were not let into germany.
  • Polish Jews Deported from Germany

    Polish Jews Deported from Germany
    Nazi Germany expelled about 17,000 jews from Germany in 1938.
    This was unfair to them because they were expelling the jews out of their country.