Period 3 I dont want to be crazy by Samantha Schutz

Timeline created by LilySimmons
  • Part 1, Pages:280

    non-fiction: push-poetry--1- 26 pages total; ( 26 )
    Samantha is leaveing for college, and is spending the last night with her "boyfriend". When she gets to her doorm room her roomate is her friend Shara, she meets a new guy named Adam.
  • Part 1; Pages 26-60

    Samantha is starting to realize that college is hard work. She goes to see a therapist. She tells the therapist about her panic attacks during and outside of classes. For thanksgiving samantha decides to go home. But she is worried that her parents will say she knew she couldnt handle being alone without them.
  • Pages: 60-85

    Samantha wants to tell her parents about her panic attacks but still keeps it to herself.To celebrate the end of the year, all the girls ( Samantha. Rebecca, Jennifer) take a road trip to Jennifers house in Vermont. After getting back, Samantha's father comes to visit.
  • Pages: 85- Part 2 112

    Samantha goes back to school for another semester. Things seem to be getting better. Samantha does have as many panic attacks.Just before Halloween, Samantha meets a guy names Jeff. She starts to see Jeff around campus all the time, and they begin to hangout even more.
  • Pages; 112- 132

    Its the end of winter break and Samantha is going back to school for another semester. Samantha's thearpist says she has been doing better. She doesnt want to live back home, because she promised herself she wouldnt. So she is going to move in with her friends Claire.
  • Part 3 Pages: 132- 145

    Rebecca and samantha make a pact to make new friends since all of their friends are in diffrent countries. Jason comes to visit her. Robyn, jason,and Samantha go to a party.
  • pages: 145 -165

    Samantha and Rebecca are going to Paris for school. Samantha wants to do something drastic in Paris. So she goes to get a real 'french haircut'.Samantha begins to think she is getting so much better in Paris ( with her panic attacks)
  • pages: 165-196

    Samantha has been off of meds for alomost a year and a half. But she feels like she is getting worse and worse everyday. Spring break is coming up. She goes to the doctor and they give her an ' all natural' pills. But she doesnt think it will do anything to help.
  • pages 196- 234

    Her thearapist and her work on relaxtion. she feels as though none of her friends understand how she is feeling and what it is like. Again thanksgiving with her parents was awkward. But she moves past it and gets ready for the Spring formal.
  • pages; 234 -280

    samantha and her friends prepare for Graduation. She packs her things from college and loads up her car. Her parents allow her one week before she has to go job hunting. Samantha goes to see a new thearpist. She talks about how much her life has changes and how she has lost friends and made friends. She talks about her panic attacks and going to paris. she feels overloaded with the things she must do. Work sucks. Yet again her parents take over her life.