Perfect Chemistry

  • Perfect Chemistry Chapter 1-5

    In Perfect Chemistry, Chapter 1, Brittany start her Senior Year & has to maintain her 'picture perfect' image.
  • Perfect Chemistry Chapter 5-8

    Brittany encounters a gang member , Alex, from Blood. She ends up having to sit next to him in Chemistry Class. Alex decides to hit on her & stuff. She doesn't like it.
    Everyone thinks Brittany's life at home is perfect, but honestly it's not. Her older sister, Nelly, is 22 years old & still lives at home since she has a disability. She's in a wheelchair & cannot speak,. Noone knows about except for Jack. Britts Boyfriend.
  • Perfect Chemistry Chapters 8-10

    Alex & his friends made a bet that Alex couldn't make Brittany fall for him by the end of the year. If he looses, his friend Paco gets his favorite motorcycle. If Alex wins, he gets Paco's car. Brittany's boyfriend is also acting very weird.