peace day project plans

  • complete and uploaded report on design cycle

    All of grade 8 finished and uploaded the report on the design cycle and we learned a new topic which was peace day.
  • standalone presentation

    Grade 8 researched on peace day and otehr significant days of september.
  • Brainstorm

    Grade 8 seperates into small groups and brainstorms ideas for peace day.
  • Brainstorm further and +design spec+design brief

  • Design and plan

    finished brainstorming and came up with the design specification adn design brief. Now we planned on what to create
  • Design+create

    We designed our product and started to create a little bit of it.
  • Create+process journal

    Created product for 30 min and updated our process journal for 60min
  • FINAL day for peace day product

  • Evaluate+report

  • Design cycle finished and uploaded