P.D. Eastman

  • Philip Dey Eastman

    Philip Dey Eastman
    was born in Amherst, Massachusetts to Clarence Willis and Ann Hull (Dey) Eastman
  • Why I chose Him

    Why I chose Him
    I chose this author because i was a fan of his books as a child. My favorite book of his is the one you see a picture of.
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  • Facts 3

    Facts 3
    His books also come in spanish
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    worked at the story department of Walt Disney Productions.
  • Facts 4

    Facts 4
    A protégé of Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss),
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    Facts 2

    worked at the story department of Warner Bros. Cartoons
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    worked in the story department of United Productions of America
  • Sam and the Firefly

    Sam and the Firefly
    Genre: Fiction
    Age: 5-8
    Summary:"Sam and the Firefly" is about an owl that teaches a firefly to write words with his light. Unfortunately, the firefly uses his new found skill to cause trouble. When he angers the wrong hot dog vendor, he is caught and kept in a jar until the car gets stuck on the train tracks. The guy releases him and he uses his light to write "STOP" in front of the oncoming train.
    Mit: Dont cause trouble
    Curriculum connections: You could have a spelling test with glowsticks
  • Sam and the firefly part 2

    Sam and the firefly part 2
    Curriculum conn: you could have a spelling test with the lights off and with glowsticks to resemble the firefly or you could have kids go outside and collect bugs in groups in jars and them come back into the classroom and idenitify them.
    Rate: 10 I thought that this book was cute and taught a good lesson.
  • Go, Dog. Go!

    Go, Dog. Go!
    Genre: Fiction
    Age: 5-8
    Summary:A girl dog asks a boy dog if he likes her hat with its little flower but he does not then they separate. Then they meet again. Now they are riding scooters and this time the girl dog has a hat with a feather. Again, the boy dog does not like her hat, but as they part, he has takes off with her feather. When they next see each other, they go skiing. This time the boy dog does not like the long ski cap the girl dog is wearing.
  • Go, Dog. Go! part 2

    Go, Dog. Go! part 2
    They leave and she bids him an angry farewell. In their final meeting her hat is even more elaborate and he finally approves of something she is wearing.
    Mit: Not to judge
    Curriculum Connections: For this book someone could make it into a play that the whole class participates in and explain how maybe the girl dog felt after being reject
    Rate: 8 I say an eight because I am not interested in dog books but a boy may very much like this book because it has to do with a boy dog disliking a girl dog.
  • Are you my mother?

    Are you my mother?
    Genre: Childrens Fiction
    Age- 6-8
    Summary: This book is about a little bird who just hatched out of its egg. After hatching it falls from the next and wonders who is its mother. It then goes around to different animals and asks them if they are his mother. All of the animals that the bird asks of course says no. Then it asks objects such as planes and cars if they are his mother. After asking and getting frustrated he finally calls out to his mother and a magical thing happens they get reunited.
  • Are you my mother? Part two

    Are you my mother? Part two
    Mit: Dont wander off
    Curriculm Connections: you could make an acticity to where you find pictures and have the kids place them together such as a lion cub and a lioness or baby bear to momma bear. Mothers to kids types of pictures. this could be a fun near mothers day thing to do
    then they could give the mother figure to their mom
    Rate: 10 I would give it a ten because it is something that people can relate to. Everyone has at one point in their lives has lost their mother.
  • Quote

    “You are not my mother. You are a scary Snort!” ― P.D. Eastman
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    Biography Link
  • Why I chose him

    Why I chose him
    I chose this author because I loved a few of his books as a child my favorite was "Are you my mother?"
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    Uniquie link
  • Successes

    He wrote over 12 books
    He worked with Disney that suprised me
  • Interview

    There were no interviews done about this author suprisingly even though he worked along side the Dr. Seuss writer. I found it interesting that no one felt an interest to ask him any questions. If I were to have my own interview about him I would ask him how he came up with his characters because a few books I noticed were about bired and I wonder why he chose birds alot.
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