Paul Revere

By kmettee
  • Paul dumped tea overboard

    Paul and the Sons of Liberty dumped tea overboard into the Boston Harbor to protest the British's taxes
  • Paul rides 63 miles

    Paul rides 63 miles to New York to Philadelphia and back
  • Became an Express Rider

    Paul became Massachusetts number one express rider.
  • The British were getting closer to invade America

  • Paul was sent to alert the citizens

    Paul rode past the English ship undetected to signal the citizens!
  • On Paul's Big Ride to Lexigton, he was chased by the English Officers

    On his way to alert John Hancock and Samuel Adams
  • Paul and John carried John Hancock's Trunk through battle

    John Hancock had important papers that he didn't want the British to find or see.
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

    Paul Revere's big ride helped America
  • Paul continued to be an Express Rider

    For the Committe of Safety
  • Took part in two military engagements

    In Rhode Island and Maine
  • Paul was put in charge of the fort at Castle Island

  • The War Ended

    Paul was 48 when the war ended