Past, Present, and Future of Washing Machines

  • 1797 Wash Board

    1797 Wash Board
    The wash board was the first washing machine used.
  • James Kings Washing Machine

    James Kings improved a hand powered washing machine.
  • First Patent

    The first electric washing machine was patented in 1846
  • William Blackstone

    William Blackstone invented the first house hold washing machine. Click Here For More!
  • Thor

    First electric washing machine made my Whirlpool Corporations.
  • Washing Machine

    British inventer, James Dyson came up with two rotationg cylinders as a new design for the washing machine. Click Here!
  • Wall- Hanging washer

     Wall- Hanging washer
    This washing manchie will be made in 2050 by the Electrolux Design Team.
  • Pedal-Powered Cylinder

    This washign machine is portable and it requires no plumbing or electrical port. Click Here to learn more!