Parlament of Catalonia

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  • Start of construction of Ciutadella

    Start of construction of Ciutadella
    The works lasted 36 years. In principle it served to defend the city but ended being a site of control and submission of the population. The constructions were organisated by Prosper de Verboom.
  • End of constructions

    End of constructions
    The end of the construction works.
  • Executions

    Executions of Barcelona's citizens in Ciutadella in june.
  • Destruction of Ciutadella

    Destruction of Ciutadella
    The general Joan Prim got that the laws ordenated to destroy the Ciutadella. They convert Ciutadella in a park. Three buildings wasn't destroyed: the palace of governator, the church and the arsenal
  • Universal Exposition

    Universal Exposition
    At the old part of the Ciutadella was celebrate the Universal Exposition of Barcelona.
  • Royal Palace

    Royal Palace
    The arsenal was transformated in a royal palace for when the kings of Spain went to Barcelona. The arquitector who created it was pere Falques
  • Museu Municipal d'Art

    Museu Municipal d'Art
    Was converted in the Museu Municipal d'Art and two lateral wings were added
  • Parliament of Catalonia

    Parliament of Catalonia
    The president of the Generalitat, Francesc Macià, decided to change the function of the Royal Palace and instale the Parliament of Catalonia.
  • The last assambly

    The last assambly
    The celebration of the last assambly in the parliament. This parliament durated 6years with 14 months of pause.
  • Barracks

    Franco converted the Parliament in barracks (military building)
  • Museu d'Art Modern

    Museu d'Art Modern
    Was transformated in the Museu d'Art Modern.
  • Parliament of Catalonia

    Parliament of Catalonia
    The palace was restaurated and returned to be the Parliament. The 10 of april of 1980 was the first session.