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Pandora Media Inc. Timeline

  • Savage Beast Technologies & Music Genome Project Founded

    Tim Westergen brainstorms and comes to the conclusion to produce a website that harbors a collection of music based on the user's preference.
  • 1st Funding From Investors

    Angel investors provide Pandora Media Company with a $1.5 million investment.
  • The First 50!

    Pandora hires 50 new employees, however the company begins to experience some financial issues. As a result they consequently skip payroll.
  • Success

    Pandora implement in-store kiosks in stores like AOL Music & Best Buy to test drive their idea and to introduce their idea to consumers.
  • Pandora Nearly Folds

    As a result of the regularly skipped payroll, former employees sues Pandora Media Company for backpay. This puts Pandora Media Co. in a detrimental financial bind.
  • Walden Venture Capital to the Rescue!

    Walden Venture Capital invests $9 million in Pandora Media Company which enables Pandora to repay its former employees and frees the company from debt.
  • Pandora Launches Online

    Pandora Media Company launches the Pandora website online.
  • Pandora Sells Their First Ad

    To keep a steady income, Pandora officials decide to sells ads.
  • Pandora's Hot

    Pandora marks 75 million users.
  • New Milestone

    -200 million users
    -140 million mobile users
    -70 million active users
    -2.5 million paid users
    -8% share of all US radio listening
    -100,000 unique artists
    -1 million unique songs
  • Pandora buys out KXMZ-FM

    Pandora buys KXMZ-FM located in Rapid City, SD with the mission of paying lowering royalty rates compared to that of their competitors.
  • Royalties Increase

    Pandora's costs triple after the federal board increases the price of royalties. This causes the comapny to nearly go bankrupt, however they react with political intelligence.