Paleoanthropology Timeline

By jiam11
  • Discovery of Homo Neanderthalensis

    Discovery of Homo Neanderthalensis
  • Dawrins Hypothesis

    Dawrins Hypothesis
    On the Origin of Species, published in 1859 and is considered the foundation of evolutionary biology. Darwin's 1871 work, The Descent of Man, created a crucial theory to human evolution, proposing early human had African origins. He envisioned life arose from diverse evolution patterns and posed a common ancestor with apes. By 1871, his evolutionary concepts were gaining acceptance by his contemporaries.
  • Lucy

  • Discoveries in Hadar

    Discoveries in Hadar
    Paleontologist Donald Johanson found Australopithecus afarensis in Hadar, Ethiopia, in 1974. 'Lucy,' an adult female, lived 3.2-3.18 million years ago. Lucy's 40% complete fossil skeleton provided vital data, challenging the widely held hypothesis. Unique features confirmed that bipedal locomotion preceded a larger brain in hominin evolution. For over 20 years, Lucy was the oldest known human ancestor.
  • Turkana Boy

    Turkana Boy
  • Fossils in Georgia

    Fossils in Georgia